Reflections Memorial Services

Direct Cremation - $875.00

Direct Cremation - $875.00

We are here to assist you with direct cremation for you loved one.  A direct cremation includes 

  • transportation from the place of death (facility, home, hospital, coroner’s office)
  • the permits and fees necessary
  • a plastic container for the ashes
  • filing the death certificate in the state of death.

Some Things to Consider:

  • How many death certificates will be needed? You will need these for any assets owned by the deceased. (car, home, bank, credit cards, retirement). (State Fee Per Copy)
  • Do we want an obituary? We can place a complete obituary and a picture on our website, free of charge. The KC Star does charge for obituaries.

  • What about Social Security? We will notify Social Security of the death. The ONLY benefit paid is to a surviving spouse OR minor children. 

  • What will we do with the ashes? You can bury, scatter or keep the ashes, as you wish. There are lots of options for urns, jewelry and keepsakes, we can assist you in ordering or we can place ashes in a container provided by the family.

What Information Is Need?

  • We will need information for the death certificate: -Name (maiden name for females)--date of birth, place of birth-mother’s name with her maiden name-father’s name-Social Security number-education level-last or longest occupation-race-home address-current marital status and spouse name if applicable and military service information.

We are here for you and your family at your time of need.  But, we are always available to help with   questions or concerns at any time.  We pride ourselves on being committed to our families and doing whatever is needed to make this time as uncomplicated as possible. We are available for face to face meetings or by email to complete paperwork.  Please do not hesitate to reach out in advance of your need to ask any questions. 

This information and prices herein are effective as of June 1, 2022.